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Gene Savoy, who passed away in 2007, was, in my opinion, one of the greatest archaeologists of the 20th Century. He discovered 43 lost cities in the jungles of South America and connected his discoveries with others in the Middle East,
Pacific islands and Asia. But because he didn't have a degree in archeology and taught radical theories about ancient civilizations, he was discredited by the degreed archaeologists and the media. But he didn't care; he never sought approval and didn't want to waste years studying a dig and writing papers about it. As soon as he found one lost city, he was off on another expedition to find the next one. He left his finds for the academicians to study.

Savoy's main purpose for his explorations was the discovery of ancient spiritual practices, such as sungazing with crystals and gold mirrors, that transformed human beings into beings of light. His discoveries in this area are hinted at in his book Project X: The Search for the Secrets of Immortality. But if you want to know the details of this lost knowledge, you have to attend a four-year course of study at Jamilian University, which Savoy founded in 1972.

Savoy felt that this knowledge was so powerful that it could be misused by people. Just like the Essenes, who Savoy also studied, he kept this knowledge from the general public and portioned it out in courses taught at Jamilian University. Savoy wrote over 50 books used in these courses. These include: The Decoded New Testament, The Essaei Document: Secrets of an Eternal Race, The Lost Gospel of Jesus: The Hidden Teachings of Christ. A graduate of Jamilian University can become a minister of the Second Advent Church.

Long-time sungazer Vinny Pinto had this to say about Gene’s religion: “It is apparently an amalgamated system of methods for spiritual growth, practices to achieve immortality, and other stuff, which includes lots of sungazing. He and his church are closely linked to claims of the rediscovery of the Essene doctrines and Essene practices of worship. He related some fascinating tales of increased health, increased intelligence, spiritual opening, intuitive access and body energy from the sungazing… He claimed that numerous ancient Incan and Aztec high priests and shamans had used sun gazing for health, regeneration and healing purposes..., and claimed that sungazing was an essential part of the path to immortality."

A year or so before Savoy died, I was fortunate enough to interview him. Here are a few excerpts from this interview:

Q: In Project X you wrote that "primitive man was able to rise to a civilized state by the discovery of the spirit through the teachings of a Moses, Plato, Jesus, Viracocha who introduced them to a hidden system or science of the spirit that gave them the key to their true nature and could put them in contact with the stars, with God." Is there a universal "science of the spirit" that was the basis of civilization in every part of the globe? Is sungazing a part of this science?

A: Long before recorded history there existed an ancient religious school composed of highly advanced mystics, representing many nations and peoples who taught the principals of religious arts and sciences, which were later lost to the world. The purpose of Project X was to reclaim these principles for the benefit of humanity. Looking at the sun is part of it. You have to see, or contact, the intelligence behind the sun.

Q: Why did solar cultures like the Mayans and Aztecs degenerate into human sacrifice?

A: This is caused by knowledge becoming mundane, when oral traditions are lost.

Q: Quetzalcoatl, a Christ-like figure, promised to return after a cataclysm and a new sun would purify the earth with fire. Would the appearance of a Christed one be the second coming or would it be the new sun, the Sun of Righteousness, or both?

A: The Second Coming is the new Sun of Righteousness

Q: Do you feel this prophecy and that of Malachi about the Sun of Righteousness burning the wicked and healing the righteous will soon be fulfilled? Some think that the unusual activity of the sun in the middle of the current solar cycle will lead up to catastrophic solar flares when it reaches it's peak in 2012.

A: It’s inevitable. It’s going to happen.

Q: What can we do to prepare for this?

A: What we can do is follow the teachings that have been laid out. These are the oral teachings of the Essenes, the Paradosis of Jesus, which is now available only through Jamilian University.

Q: In the Bible, it records that Jesus, just before he performed a miracle, as in raising Lazarus from the dead, "lifted up his eyes." Was he sungazing?

A: Of course that’s what he was doing, looking at the Light behind the sun. The origin of light is spirit.

Q: Is sungazing a two-way stream of information, such that whatever you ask for in prayer while gazing at the sun has a much better chance of manifesting?

A: Yes, there is a two-way exchange.

The goal of the Second Advent Church is to bring to light the lost teachings of the Essenes and clarify what the application of this knowledge can mean for spiritual enlightenment and religious renewal today. It calls this enlightenment and renewal the "Emerging New Christianity."

Savoy taught that in order to participate in this renewal a person had to apply cosolargy, which includes sungazing and other techniques such as meditation, in order to awaken the individual soul or Light Body for a conscious return to the spiritual origins of one's being. Cosolargy is a combination of the words "cosmic," "solar," and "logos." It consists of the essential theory, techniques and rituals of a divine religious art and science. In essence, it is the secret teachings of Jesus, the Essenes, and original Christianity before it became adulterated and diluted by the dogma of an orthodox Church. One of these teachings is that a certain quality of sunlight, which Savoy called the "X factor," can purify the soul, and that pure souls return to the sun. Heaven is in the sun.

The Theosophist Alvin Boyd Kuhn wrote in The Lost Light: "Christianity forsook its high station on the mount illuminated by solar radiance when it submerged the Christly sun-glory under the limitations of a fleshly personage and dismissed solar religion as 'pagan'... It forswore its early privilege of basking in the rays of the great solar doctrine. Light, fire, the sun, spiritual glory -- all went out in eclipse under the clouds of mental fog that arose when the direct radiance of the solar myth had been blanketed. Christianity passed forthwith out of the light into the dreadful shadows of the Dark Ages. And that dismal period will not end until the bright glow of the solar wisdom is released once more to enlighten benighted modernity."

Will cosolargy and the emerging new Christianity mark the end of the Dark Ages? Only time will tell. As for Gene Savoy, I suspect that he could care less. He's probably too busy exploring the ancient civilizations on the sun.

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